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Canada has contributed distinguished famous people throughout its history. Although some of them we could not even guess that they are Canadians, there are many others who proclaim the pride they feel for their nation from the four winds. We analyze below some of the most influential figures of the North American giant. We have left our favorite of all at the end of the list, don’t miss it!


Justin Bieber, singer (March, 1994)

Most important characters in Canada

His music may not be to everyone’s taste but his 106 million followers on Twitter confirm him as one of the most important Canadian figures of all time and of course the most mediatic. Bieber began his recording career as a child uploading videos of himself to YouTube performing “covers” (versions) of famous songs when a talent scout noticed him and signed him for the RBMG label. From here on everything has been success after success and it is difficult to find someone today who does not know his name.

An amazing fact: Our student Jorge from Madrid is studying his school year in Canada 2018-19 at Stratford Central Secondary School (London, Ontario), the same school our Canadian icon attended during his childhood.

Here you can see one of his first youtube videos for which he later became so brutally famous:

Avril Lavigne, singer (September 1984)

Most important characters in Canada

Known by some as “the princess of pop punk” she has marked an entire generation. She began her musical career in 2001 and since then she has produced several world hits such as “Sk8ter boi” which has no less than 131 million views on youtube. We leave you with her hit “complicated” !!

Jim Carrey, actor (January, 1962)

Most important characters in Canada

Possibly the funniest Canadian character on this list! Jim Carrey dominated comedy movies during the 1990s with titles such as “The Mask,” “Ace Ventura,” and “Two Dumb Dumbs” before delving very successfully into a more dramatic genre like “The Truman Show.” Carrey himself went as far as to say that if his acting career had not prospered right now he would now be working at the steel mill in Hamilton, Ontario, his hometown.

We leave you with one of the best moments of Jim carrey in the cinema when he pretends to be a madman in the movie “Ace Ventura”:

Clara Hughes, athlete (September 1972)

Most important characters in Canada

Hughes is Canada’s Most Laureate Olympian and for those who do not know it is the the only athlete in the world to have won multiple medals at the Summer and Winter Olympics. She began as a cyclist, winning two bronze medals at the Atlanta 96 Summer Olympics. After this experience, Hughes began to train thoroughly in the specialty that she had already practiced since she was a child, speed skating, getting a bronze at the Winter Olympics. from Salt Lake City 2002, silver at Turin 2006 and bronze at Vancouver 2010.

As it seems that Clara began to get bored with so much skating, she resumed her cycling career, achieving qualification for the 2012 London Summer Olympics!

Do you want to know more about this beast of sport? Well, don’t miss this video about his life:

James Cameron, filmmaker (August, 1954)

Most important figures in the United States

Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario. He is one of the most successful and recognized filmmakers of all time is especially known for being the director of “Titanic”, “Terminator” or “Avatar”. Among many other accolades, he won the Oscar for best film, best editing, and best director for his work on Titanic.


Famous historical figures of Canada

Alexander Graham Bell, scientist (1847-1922)

Most important characters in Canada

This Canadian changed the world with his invention: the telephone. Bell worked for years in a school for the deaf while doing his research to invent a machine that was capable of transmitting sound using electricity. In March 1876 he patented the telephone and he is officially considered the inventor of this device despite the fact that several historians point out that the true inventor of it was another scientist: Antonio Meucci.

This stream of historians maintains that Meucci would demonstrate his invention, the “teletrophone,” in 1860 in New York and that Bell would somehow have access to Meucci’s material, thus appropriating authorship by patenting the invention 16 years later.

In this video you can learn more about the controversy between Bell and Meucci:

Lester Pearson, politician (1897-1972)

Most important characters in Canada

The 14th Prime Minister of Canada had enormous influence not only within his country but also internationally. Pearson was vitally important in founding the United Nations and NATO. Its incessant search for world peace led to the formation of the United Nations Peace Forces and, thanks to its commitment and international projection, Canada has since been a world leader in the pacification of conflict zones.

The airport for Canada’s most populous city, Toronto, is named after him in commemoration of his public service and moral authority.

Frederick Banting, scientist (1891-1941)

Most important characters in Canada

Dr. Banting, along with his partner Charles Best, was the man who discovered insulin. It goes without saying that his discovery saved millions of lives and thanks to him all those who suffer from this disease can now lead a normal life to the best of their ability.

Terry Fox, athlete (1958-1981)

Most important characters in Canada

The name of this hero is not widely known outside the borders of Canada but in his country he acquired the category of legend in his own right. Fox was a Canadian athlete who was diagnosed with cancer and his right leg had to be amputated. From then on he played wheelchair basketball winning several championships but what really elevated this hero to the rank of legend was that in 1980 he came up with nothing more and nothing less than touring all of Canada from east to west raising money for the cancer research.

He began his adventure in St Johns (Newfoundland) and managed to reach Thunder Bay (Ontario) when the cancer spread to his lungs and he could not continue. His work had a huge social impact throughout the country and today he is a national hero of Canada who has declared the first Monday in August as “Terry Fox day”.

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