Best countries to study English in 2022

There are 57 countries in the world where English is the official language, either the sole language or co-official with another language. Its distribution by continents is:

  • Europe: 3 countries
  • America: 14 countries
  • Asia: 5 countries
  • Africa: 21 countries
  • Oceania: 14 countries

Living for some time in an English-speaking country is, without a doubt, the best way to learn the language correctly and become part of its culture and customs. Therefore, we would like to recommend those that are, in our opinion, the 4 best countries to learn English in 2020:


Four. UK

The best countries to learn English abroad. In 4th position United Kingdom

The country where the English language was born could not be left out of our ranking. The United Kingdom has always been and will be a destination par excellence to study an English course thanks to its proximity to Spain and the tradition of host schools and families in welcoming students of all nationalities.

  • Number of foreign students in 2017 (UNESCO data): 432,000
  • Capital: London
  • Number of inhabitants (estimate): 60 million
  • Surface: 243,510 km²
  • Coin: Pound sterling
  • United Kingdom is located at just 2 and a half hours flight from Spain which makes it a very accessible destination for both the flight time and the price of air tickets. Several low-cost airlines regularly fly to different British airports, thus expanding the possibilities when looking for a travel budget.
  • He British English is considered by many like the most correct and traditional English.
  • Country very used to the arrival of international students which implies that host populations, schools, residences and families have a great experience.
  • Although the trip to the United Kingdom can be cheap due to its proximity and the great offer of flights throughout the year, the cost of living is the most expensive on our list. Food, transport, leisure, accommodation and the price of English courses are more expensive than in other destinations.
  • Many students state that Brits are not exactly the “friendliest” locals compared to the other destinations in our comparison.
  • The enormous experience of host families hosting international students often means that their main motivation is financial.
  • Large influx of Spanish students which can be considered a point for or against depending on the preferences of each one.


The best countries to learn English abroad. In 3rd position Ireland

Also located just 2 long hours by plane from Spain we find Ireland. A destination that is gaining fame for many reasons, including the kindness of its people and their way of being and understanding life; very similar to the character of the Spanish.

  • Number of foreign students in 2017 (UNESCO data): 17,883
  • Capital: Dublin
  • Number of inhabitants (estimate): 4.8 million
  • Surface: 70,273 km²
  • Coin: Euro
  • Like the UK, Ireland is very handy from Spain. There are not so many airlines to look for a good price, but it is possible to find roundtrip flights for less than 150 – 200 euros.
  • The vast majority of students who have had the opportunity to study English in Ireland agree on the kindness of the irish and how welcoming the host families are.
  • Cost of living much cheaper than in the UK and same currency as Spain, the Euro.
  • Host families also charge a fee for hosting international students in their homes so economic motivation is very present.
  • He weather turns out even more rainy than in the UK. Ireland is known because it is common to “suffer” the 4 seasons of the year in the same day: rain, sun, snow, wind …


Ranking and comparison of the best countries to study English abroad. In 2nd position Canada

We will have to cross the pond to get to Canada but we assure you that it will be worth it. Canada has the best virtues of Europe and the United States. It is the country with the highest citizen security and quality of life indexes in our ranking and the number of students who finally choose the American giant continues to grow year after year.

  • Number of foreign students in 2017 (UNESCO data): 189,478
  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Number of inhabitants (estimate): 37 million
  • Surface: 9 984 670 km²
  • Coin: Canadian dollar
  • Security and level of quality of life.
  • Very homogeneous accent in all Canadian provinces very easy to understand.
  • Low number of international students in relation to other destinations. Especially in terms of Spanish-speaking students who tend to opt more for countries such as England, Ireland or the United States
  • Distance from Spain above 6 hours of flight. This makes it more interesting to choose Canada for longer stays of 1-2 weeks. The price of flights, in the same way, is more expensive than other destinations such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Host families that host international students receive a small stipend. As it is not as high as in the United Kingdom or Ireland, there is less chance that their motivations are purely economic but These are not 100% volunteer families.
  • Need to process visas for stays longer than 3 months.

one. U.S

The United States, the best country to study English abroad

The United States is in its own right the most successful destination of all those analyzed in our ranking. It receives almost 1 million international students annually thanks to the enormous prestige of its educational institutions, from school to university. American universities occupy the top positions in world rankings and their school education system, whether public or private, is ideal for the integration of international students of all levels.

  • Number of foreign students in 2017 (UNESCO data): 971,417
  • Capital: Washington DC
  • Number of inhabitants (estimate): 325 million
  • Surface: 9 147 593 km²
  • Coin: American dollar
  • The great advantage in the United States is the absolute willingness of the host families that welcome international students. In the vast majority of courses for young people, whether they are a school year in USA or a summer course, Host families do not get any remuneration for hosting a student in their home for weeks or months. The families are totally voluntary and we can ensure that this is noticeable in dealing with the student.
  • Lower ratio of Spanish-speaking students, especially outside of big cities.
  • Variety of climates throughout its entire geography.
  • Distance from Spain much higher to closer destinations such as the United Kingdom or Ireland.
  • Need to process visas for stays longer than 3 months.