Interview with our student Teresa Javato

Interview with our School Year student in the USA – Teresa Javato

Teresa J. (Indiana, Pennsylvania)

Although it is very difficult to tell so many experiences I will try to summarize it hahaha. In August of last year I landed at the Pittsburgh airport, and then headed to Indiana, Pennsylvania (my destination), with great desire and enthusiasm to start this great adventure.

My American family was different from what I was used to since I was going to live with divorced parents and I had 4 sisters (although two of them were already in college). The truth is, I thought that the parents’ situation was going to be more difficult, but I quickly settled down and I became very fond of both parties.

I remember that the first days of school were a bit confusing but there everyone is super nice and tries to help as much as possible, and they all wanted to meet me.
The classes were amazing, as seen in the movies (lockers; lunch; cooking classes, theater, photography…) it was a dream come true.

I played 3 sports (1 per season): tennis in the fall, swimming in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring (although the lacrosse season ended soon due to the coronavirus)

I made a lot of friends both in sports and in class and I had a great time with them. On Fridays we would go to American football, hockey or basketball games (what we played depends on the season) and there was always a theme in the that all of us from high school dressed the same, it was super cool, I attended homecoming and it was a lot of fun, everyone was super elegant and groomed (total movie)

I also had the opportunity to travel a lot with my family: we went to 3 Penn State football games (since they were quite a fan), we traveled to North Carolina to visit one of my American sisters, we went to New York for about 4 days to see it and I also had the opportunity to go to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

We also celebrate Thanksgiving with typical turkey and eating all day. Christmas was amazing, I spent it on the farm of my mother’s American family, a typical farmer’s house with plaid shirts singing country songs hahaha, I have always felt like one more and I noticed that they appreciated me a lot, as if I were in House.

Unfortunately in March they told me that I had to return to Spain due to the pandemic, it was a very hard blow since I had so many things to live and I had to say goodbye to all my friends and family from one day to the next. maintaining a relationship with everyone there and surely I will go again next summer and some friends will also come to visit me.

I definitely highly recommend this adventure, it is unforgettable and I assure you that it has been one of the best experiences of my life, in addition to all the English and independence I acquired.


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