▷ The 10 Most Practiced Sports in the USA

We present our proposal with the 10 most popular sports in the United States in 2019. For the preparation of this ranking we have assessed the number of practitioners in each of the sports and their audience both locally and in the mainstream media. Go for it!

10. Athletics

Most popular sports in the USA. Athletics

Athletics in the United States, or “Track and Field” as they call it, encompasses different disciplines such as sprinting, hurdles, high and long jump, throws, combined events … Americans are great specialists in speed tests having made history in the great international events. His practice is very popular on stages high school yen the University.

9. Swimming

Most popular sports in the USA. Swimming

Currently, the United States is the clearest dominator of swimming in the world. Little swimmers throughout the country participate in school competitions from an early age and continue throughout the secondary stage until university where there are clubs of the highest level in which they have been formed historical swimmers like Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte.

8. Volleyball

Most popular sports in the USA. Volleyball

Practically all American schools include girls’ volleyball in their sports program. Unfortunately it is not as widespread for male school age categories, however it is very popular in college stages.

7. Tennis

The most popular sports in the USA. Tennis

Interest in tennis reached its peak in the US in the 70s and 80s thanks to legendary players such as John Mc Enroe or Jimmy Connors. His popularity was consolidated in the 90s with the Agassi, Sampras and Roddick.

Currently, the lack of a world-class American benchmark has meant that it is not a mass sport but is followed and practiced mainly by its fans. States with good weather throughout the year such as California and Florida are at the fore in the number of practitioners and in the United States one of the four is played Grand slam , he US Open that forms together with Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the Australia Open the 4 most prestigious tennis tournaments on the planet.

6. Boxing

Most popular sports in the USA. Boxing

Although its popularity has been eroded in recent decadesIt is surprising to discover how professional boxing continues to record very good audience data today. As for its practice, it has always been limited to a more specific age range and certain sectors of American society, especially in urban areas. However, with the proliferation in recent years of small amateur boxing clubs located in the office areas of large cities, this discipline is re-emerging as a hobby for office workers looking for a way to relieve stress and stay in shape after a session. hard working day.

5. Soccer (European Football)

Most popular sports in the USA. Soccer

Our football or, as the Americans say: soccer, it is the most popular sport worldwide although in the United States it currently occupies the 5th position of its most practiced sports. In recent years it has acquired an enormous role in the different school stages, especially among the youngest. It is wonderful to see the enormous importance of women’s soccer and how it has become the king of sports among American girls between the ages of 5 and 14.

On a professional level, however, the American first division, MLS, has much less impact than its immediate predecessors and is usually nurtured by great players from the major European leagues who want to end their professional careers in a less competitive league like the American one. .

4. Ice hockey

Most popular sports in USA

As in neighboring Canada, ice hockey is very popular in the United States. The National Hockey League, NHL, is considered as the most important competition the world where not only the best American players play but also those considered by many experts as the true kings of this sport; Canadians and Russians.

At the popular level it is most widespread among the northern states due to its more favorable weather for outdoor practice. However, many colleges and universities across the country, even in the warmer states, have an ice rink for local clubs.

3. Baseball

Most popular sports in the USA. Baseball

Baseball is considered unofficially the most popular hobby for americans. Very popular in all school stages at an amateur level and with audience levels above 63 million viewers in 2017 at a professional level.

Unlike other sports that are hardly practiced outside of the United States, baseball is widespread in other countries such as Japan, Korea, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela or Cuba; being in some of these cases as in Japan the sport that enjoys greater popularity.


2. Basketball

Basketball itself was invented in the USA although, curiously, its inventor was not an American but a Canadian: James Naismith, who designed this sport while working at the University of Kansas in 1891.

Today it is a tremendously widespread sport throughout the country at all levels and its audience levels are stratospheric. The best basketball league in the world, the NBAHowever, it is fascinating to see that the audience levels in college basketball, something that would come to be the 2nd national division, are well above other professional sports in other countries.

1. American Football

The quintessential sport in the United States it’s american football. Although it is fully spread throughout the country, it acquires the highest levels of popularity in southern states such as Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida or California.

The National Football League (NFL) is the most important competition in this sport worldwide. More than 100 million Americans tune in to the famous superbowl every year, the grand finale of this competition where the two best teams of the season face off.

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